Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend Outfits!

From my last post, I let you guys know that the long thanksgiving weekend was restful and lazy for me. My hubby forced me to catch up on all Harry Potter movies so we could go watch the new movie. See I've never been a Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings fan but oh well- the things we do for love. I actually enjoyed them. It was cold so we cozied up on the couch and just "vegged". I was in a relaxed state of mind and did not really feel like dressing up so I just wanted to be comfy as we went to our thanksgiving dinner. I had heard a lot about Target plus size section so I snagged up a grey sweater for $6.99 ( believe it or not). I paired it with my Lane Bryant Right Fit jeans and an inner lace cami. To the movies, I wore one of my "new" tops from Lane Bryant and although it was a tad bit bright for winter, I still wanted to wear it because the texture was so soft and comfy against the skin. I decided to pair it with a brown belt I got from Forever 21 and some brown boots. On Sunday, I wore a black and white dress with a grey jacket and Nine West pumps. I took some of the pictures myself hence some closeups and bathroom pics....Enjoy!


  1. thanks Chic Therapy! So much color but I still wore it shaaaaa!

  2. sheesh! and who was the expert that suggested winter colours must be dark n dreary? Rock d colours love, cos we make (or break) the rules as we go along.Proud of ya!