Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lift you uppers!!!

Lift you uppers aka Bras are necessities of our everyday lives as women. Too many women are wearing the wrong bra-too small, too big, band's too tight, not enough support, not enough coverage etc. Ever since I came across Cacique bras, I have been a loyal customer. I used to buy bras at Victoria Secrets occasionally but stopped patronizing them when they stopped carrying XL panties in their store. Like seriously????  Anyways, I shred and trash any coupons they send to me because I am beyond upset that they stopped carrying me and thousands of other women's size. What message are they trying to send? If you can't fit into a large then don't bother shopping with them? I got the message loud and clear and decided to stick with my tested and tried Cacique Well...enough of my rants, Lane Bryant is currently having their Cacique semi annual sale and bras are buy 2 get 2 free so I thought I would share my favorite bras with you all. Most I own and some I just lust after. Enjoy!

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This demi bra has totally revolutionalized my life and I try to get it in every color and design possible.  

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