Sunday, January 16, 2011

Plus size and Exercise

So in the light of the new year, we all make resolutions that this is the year we take control of our weight and get in shape. Now you all know, I love curves, hence this blog. However it is extremely important for us as plus sized ladies to be healthy and stay in shape so we can be around to continue to "work it". I do not support being lazy or nonchalant about our health. Like I always say, it is not the number on the scale that matters as much as the other numbers- blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol etc. Although I get scolded at the doctors office about my weight, I can still be thankful that my other numbers are great and most of it I believe is because of exercising and staying active. I decided against the norm to set a goal weight this year- I just want to be happy and healthy and fit! I sometimes get bored with my routine (elliptical and weights) so I decided to go out and get my stuff. I went to Ross and got a step, fitness ball and walking weights. I also got a yoga mat from Marshalls since I plan to begin a yoga class this February (first attempt was an epic fail but this is a beginners class so wish me luck). I dusted my skipping rope and brought my Taebo videos out. I won a fitness assessment at a gym so I plan to take advantage of that in a few weeks. I also scored a one month unlimited bootcamp groupon which I can use between now and July.  Finally I plan to start taking some classes at my gym regardless of whether I can do all the moves or not! Girl Puhleease!!! The ultimate goal is to get myself moving everyday. I found this interesting article a while back that I wanted to share with you ladies-
Oh by the way, I signed up for an eight week nutrition course just to get myself educated on healthy eating! What do y'all think?

Let your light shine!


Jump Rope

My Old Faithful- 10 pound weight 
Resistance Ball

Resistance Band

2 Pound Walking Weights



  1. I think its awesome! I completely agree that its about getting healthy and losing weight just happens to be a bonus from that mind frame. I recently made subtle changes to my eating habits and I have already seen some benefits, should probably update my own blog huh :) well so I switched to brown rice and cut out soda as a first step...then I tried cooking with lil to no oil and so its all about baby steps sometimes...

  2. Yes Gbems! You are my inspiration. I just wish I could be consistent!!!