Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Easy Breezy Orange Outfit.

So yesterday, I made a quick dash to have lunch with one of my friends at Mama's Bakery. It has the most delish mediterranean food and I could literally eat lunch there everyday. Anyways, it's been a really busy summer with weddings galore and I haven't had time to take any outfit pics but I promise I've been looking flyyyyy..... :)  Well after lunch today, I made my friend take pictures of me. Yep, I am that kind of friend.....hahahaha. As most of you know I live in Southern California and although the rest of the world is screaming "heat wave", we still have our steady mid 70's weather. So, I decided to wear this casual dress that I purchased from Lane Bryant last summer. I was so bummed when I missed out on a similar dress this summer. Anyways, back to my dress. I love the bold floral print. It adds color to the dress and of course we all know that the black is slimming right? Yup it is. I wore the light cardi over it to keep a little bit warm but of course that is optional. I also wore a pair of Nina Orange Sandals that I fell in love with once I found it at DSW. I accessorized my outfit with a pair of gold earrings and this set of bangles I got from Lane Bryant. All in all, it was an easy breezy orange outfit.

P.S- I loved the red background that my bff suggested....

Let your light shine,


My BFF's daughter Zoe making her cameo appearance!