Sunday, December 12, 2010

Who said a big girl can't wear stripes?

We all know about the fashion rules and some days I follow them and a few times like today, I break them.   When I first saw this sweater, I was like oh no! who would have designed that for plus sized ladies? Big bold "horizontal" stripes are a no-no because they usually widen you. However, I guess the asymmetrical zipper adds some dimension to it which actually slims you down. As a plus size lady, it is very important that I dress right for my body type. Unfortunately most of the models are smaller than I am so I took a gamble with this Lane Bryant sweater and can I say it totally paid off!! I paired it with some forever 21+ skinny jeans and my bling flats from Lane Bryant( which will be featured in an upcoming post). Ladies, the lesson from this post is to break the rules sometimes, who cares? You never know until you try it out!

Let your light shine!



  1. Love it! I have the same sweater from LB, and still trying to figure out how exactly I want to wear it. You look great in it, so you're totally giving me the courage to wear it out.

  2. @ theplussideofme- you should totally wear it! A few ladies were complaining on the lane bryant website about stripes and I said sometimes we can break the rules you know!