Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sparkle and Shine Amber Riley Style!

Ever since I saw this dress on Amber Riley, I've been oohing and ahhhhing! When I got my Essence Issue for this month, I fell more in love with the rest of her looks! Kudos to her stylist. She looks fabulous and super confident. I love it when I see a I see a curvy lady own it and work it! You go Amber Riley! Well, after I saw the sparkly dress on her, I knew I wanted one for myself ( even though there is no where to wear it to now).  Her dress is by LaQuan Smith and you can check out his site here. Anyways I went looking and I found this ASOS dress that has a risque back and will definitely dazzle at any party you go. My only concern is how to keep the girls up with such a low back but I'm sure where there is a will, there's a way. The dress is currently on sale for $91.44. What do you think? Would you rock it? Or do you have better options??

Let your light shine,



  1. It's absolutely a beautiful dress, but I'm not sure I'd enjoy wearing it. Especially with the back/bra issue, and sequins can be itchy. It sure is beautiful to look at though!

  2. @theplussideofme- I knowwww; that's what I thought. how would I wear this without a bra? lol! Like you said, It is really good to look at though. Wish I could get something like Ambers!

  3. If you have a local Avenue store, pay them a visit. They did a dress and skirt similiar to this one, that is on clearance at this very moment. I believe 60% off!

  4. Lakisha! Thanks for the heads up!!! :)